I’m still here, but I have not had extra time to write new threads for the blog due to my work schedule, renovations and health issues. Sorry, I didn’t let my regulars know sooner. Crazy schedule.


When you don’t have time to fuss try these quick chicken dishes:

Easy Spicy Chicken and Rice

Pineapple Cranberry Chicken   I would not make this dish for company because the color is not appetizing enough, but it does taste good.

Coco’s cooking tips

  • To make muffins and cookies uniform in size, use an ice cream scoop.  A gelato scoop is smaller in size and great for cookies.  The larger ice cream scoops are great for muffins.
  • If you have over salted or over spiced your chili, add a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips to your chili pot and stir throughly until melted & blended.  Why don’t you just add a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips to your chili pot anyways, it really helps improve the flavor and color of your chili.  

Banana Crumb Muffins

With over 3,300  five star reviews, I had to try these banana crumb muffins.  I doubled the amount of cinnamon it calls for though.

On the run like me?  I like to cook when I have time, but sometimes that is easier said than done.  I recently found this quick dessert recipe that turned out to be surprisingly tasty.

So for your quick apple crisp or quick fruit crisp recipe click here

Happy New Year Everyone!


I tried this recipe a couple days ago and I was very impressed with the results.  It is one of those recipes where it looks as if you fussed, but the dish is quick and simple.  Although, I’m providing the link to the recipe, you really don’t have to measure the ingredients to make it.  Really, it is that simple.  I used extra salsa and a Tex Mex cheese on top instead of Cheddar, but you can adjust this recipe to be more or less saucy and as mild or as spicy as you wish it to be.   Since I choose to use more salsa than a cup, I served this over rice with a side of kernel corn.


Click on the recipe link here


Enjoy!  Take a break from all that turkey.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year

See you next year.

Happy Cooking!